Dividend system to our loyal users starts with $10k fund

February 11, 2020 News

We are happy to announce our upcoming cryptocurrency dividend system. This means active users, both freelancers and customers, will have a chance to get a bonus.

Out of each sale 1% goes into buying Centric Rise (CNR) tokens. Centric Rise is a cryptocurrency designed to only go up in value. This is established by a dual token system with on the other hand Centric Cash (CNS). The worth of the CNR token will be convertible into the CNS token.

Every dollar we put in CNR tokens will stay forever in the system. We will withdraw the growth into CNS and that will be our monthly dividend pool. Starting with an investment of $10k and with a growth ratio of 28,5% in the first months, means our dividends pool will consist of 285 CNS, which is about $285 US Dollar.

How are the dividends being distributed?

Our dividends pool is divided in half: 50% goes to the freelancers and 50% goes to the customers.

There will be one lucky customer to receive the 50% of the whole dividends pot. In our example that means 285/2 = 142.5 CNS. To make it more fair to other customers you are only eligible to win once in 4 months.

Our top 5 sellers, ordered by price, will each receive 10% of the dividends pot. In our example that means 285/10 = 28.5 CNS. This will be a very nice bonus on top on the sales you managed to make!

Premium members will have a double chance on winning dividends: As buyers they just have two entries instead of one, as freelancers it means their total sales prices will count as doubled. Premium costs $5 a month and all the money raised from premium memberships will go to charity.

Members can be both a freelancer and a customer. That means the maximum a user can possibly win will be 60% of the dividends pot.