Join the Centric Bonds token sale while we prepare for open beta access to our services!

April 7, 2020 News
As you might know, we are going to buy Centric Rise tokens to fund our dividend system. The company is holding a limited bonds sale right now, before going listed on major decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Exclusive Centric Bonds are now on sale for a limited time

📈Make 30% profit through Centric buyback program or swap for 10 Centric Rise tokens (CNR).

✍️Over 100,000 Centric bonds purchased in the first day.

💎Maximum supply 1 Million

🛎Have questions? Request a call back with someone from Centric here

💰Ready to buy click here

Source: Centric Telegram

How does it work?

Centric is selling Centric Bond (CBT) tokens on the tron blockchain. The price for 1 CBT is equal to $1 USD. When the sale is over and the team reached $1m USD they can list on major exchanges. They will hold an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and they will buy back the CBT tokens for $1.30 USD or a swap to 10 Centric Rise (CNR), which could be worth over $80 USD.

How to join?

You can join by filling in either one of the forms from the links posted in the announcement above. A Centric team member will reach to you as soon as possible. You will have to choose beforehand if you want to get a USD buyback or a CNR swap. After discussing your investing amount you will get an email with payment details.
You will have to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) and you will need a Tron Wallet, such as TronLink or Tron Wallet to receive the CBT tokens.

How to not get scammed, important!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, so watch out! Here is a checklist I made:

  • An admin will never PM you first on Telegram.
  • Important messages will always be emailed to you. If you filled your mail in the Google form they will have it so don’t give it to someone else.
  • Check if the email is from … Read carefully and take your time if needed.
  • Don’t trust links random people send to you. Read the pinned post in the Centric Telegram channel or go to
  • Many scammers offer the option to pay with Ethereum (ETH).
  • Scammers try to copy admins names. Sometimes it is really hard to see. Most of the scammers are in Telegram, that’s why the team will not use Telegram for this.
Can I track the token sale?

Yes, you can. Since CBT is a trx-20 token you can see all token holders on tronscan. Keep in mind that one address is the Teams address (TA6N…pore). Also since a lot of people have to wait for their payments, which can take several days or weeks, not all sold tokens will be transferred directly.

I’m not into crypto and it seems like a lot of effort, is there another way?

Tiptio understands your problem. That is why we hope we may launch a buying program soon. We will make a micro job that you can buy, earning 15% interest. Tiptio will take the other 15% to pay all the fees necessary for exchanging, and we will use the leftovers to buy Centric Rise for our dividend system.