Back to the original plans

August 24, 2020 Uncategorized

Tiptio is happy to announce they are building a new website. The original idea, a marketplace for microjobs where you can pay with Centric Rise (CNR), a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency, will be re-embraced.

We have been running tests with payment gateways with no success. They were charging too many fees for us to be competitive, if they accepted our company at all. This was very hard because we stated that we are implementing a dividend system based on cryptocurrencies.

Smart contract

Currently, we have hired a professional developers team to build a smart contract for us. This means that most of our site’s functionality will be automated and secured by the smart contract on the Tron blockchain.

New website

The theme we are running now is a pre-existing WordPress theme. It works great, but does not fit our requirements. We will be building a new custom website that allows you to interact with the smart contract. On the website you can basically log in with a web3 tron wallet, like TronLink.

Change of fees

We will be changing the fees we take. Since our site will only use the rise-only token Centric Rise (CNR), it enables us to get fees, even if we take 0% of the Centric Cash (CNS) value. It must be noted that we will be taking some extra fees, but we try to keep it as low as possible. Our main goal is that we can run this website by paying the hosting costs and developer costs from the fees we take.


Our dividend system will have minor changes.

  • 60% of the fees will go to site maintenance and employees
  • 20% of the fees will be burned
  • 20% of the fees will go into the dividend pool

The dividend pool is already filled with $10k worth of CNR at a price of $10 per CNR. We aim to distribute it as followed:

Our dividends pool is divided in half: 50% goes to the freelancers and 50% goes to the customers.

There will be one lucky customer to receive the 50% of the whole dividends pot. In our example that means 2850/2 = $CNS 1425 worth of CNR. To make it more fair to other customers you are only eligible to win once in 4 months.

Our top 5 sellers, ordered by price, will each receive 10% of the dividends pot. In our example that means 2850/2/5 = $CNS 285 worth of CNR. This will be a very nice bonus on top on the sales you managed to make!

Currently, the distributions of the dividends will be done manually, but we are investigating the option to automate it via another smart contract.


To drive traffic to our marketplace, we have bought 1000 CNR to give away. You will hear from us when we launch what you have to do for a chance to win a share.